Sh*t People Say to Women Musicians

Being part of an all lady rock n’ roll writing group makes our write-ups late nights filled with wine, wild stories, and candid hearts. A beautiful bassist/rock n’ roll publicist ...

The Doll Who Sold the World

An artist after our own heart, New York artist Катёк has taken fan art to the next level by creating dolls of David Bowie that look…. exactly like David Bowie. It’s ...

Crush Of The Week: Amanda Palmer

“Who knew she was smart?” is a common comment on videos of singer Amanda Palmer talking. It’s like when the internet found out Jennifer Lawrence could talk. Holy shit. An ...


The Lumineers Are for Lovers

Close your eyes and it almost feels like summer.

Vancouver: The History of Sex in The City of Glass

  This Valentine’s day, Vancouver is getting a little history with it’s ...

Pastel Supernova: Smoke Show

You run out of fingers counting all the things Pastel Supernova does. ...

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Biting The Bullet

Once upon a time, listening to the radio at home, I caught myself dancing wildly on my living room floor. This song had possessed me, moved me in ways I’d never moved before, so I waited for the announcer to say it’s name. “What Is And What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin. I’d wanted […]

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Goodbye productivity. We just discovered the most apeshit games on the internet.

HTML5 + videogames. Don’t click on the link below unless you plan on forgetting everything you were supposed to do this afternoon. All cyber monkeys must DIE.  

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Toronto’s Getting A Whole Lot Sexier This Weekend

There are suitcases spilling glitter all over The Big Smoke’s streets as burlesque dancers from Japan to Las Vegas arrive to tickle our eyes and tease our appetites at The Great Canadian Girlesque expo. Featuring original burlesque legends  April March and Tiffany Carter as well as modern dolls World Famous Bob and Bettina May, classes […]

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An Imperfect Guide To: Multiple Orgasms

Sex toys are great for enhancing your sex life, but we should never solely rely on them for our pleasure. More often than not, your partner will be pleasing you with their hands so the more you understand how to pleasure yourself with your hands, the better you’ll know how to move against theirs or […]

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Get Your Hands Off My Photo: The Dangers of Drag & Drop Culture

Facebook algorithms. No safeguards. Carelessness. Words being tossed around to try and understand how the underage face of a teenager who committed suicide could become the face of a dating website. Facebook’s already washed their hands of algorithm responsibility, uploaded the photo and copy themselves using Facebook’s self-generated ads. And as for safeguards, simply […]

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Crush Of The Week: Non-Stop

Marquese Scott moves like a slow motion video. Growing up on the videos of the great breakers, Non-Stop studied their moves ’til dance became every other thought. And when he began imitating the flow of nature and matter (how water flows, snow falls, and wind blows) and marrying the moves to music, his love for […]

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That Sweet Burn: The Hanky Panky

We kidnapped the drinks columnist from the National Post, Adam McDowell, and spoonfed him tequila ’til he agreed to make us sinful cocktails on the regular. Sex and alcohol share certain parallels. As children, we overhear inscrutable and mysterious whispers and tittering about both topics (“When will I understand these jokes?” the child wonders). Drinks […]

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There’s Just Something About… Sigur Ros

There’s just something about Sigur. Is it that they just left on tour last night? People always seem more important when they’re gone. Or when they’re coming to see you for just one warm night. Is it that they left with the sweetest ol’ grandaddy suitcase? That makes you want them to wheel you alllllllllll […]

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The Sainting of St. Stella

Bendy. Buxom. Blonde. The divine-bender St. Stella is slipping us stories from behind the burlesque curtain to bring you advice and wild stories from the glitter highway as she tours and performs across North America. This week she spills her own, letting slip why she left her life long love of dance and how burlesque […]

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