There’s Just Something About… Sigur Ros

There’s just something about Sigur.

Is it that they just left on tour last night? People always seem more important when they’re gone. Or when they’re coming to see you for just one warm night.

Is it that they left with the sweetest ol’ grandaddy suitcase?


That makes you want them to wheel you alllllllllll the way home.

Is it that they don’t even care if you know what they look like? Sigur Ros just sparkles. All natural and super-8 like.


Or is it that Sigur Ros made a candle, so we can smell music, too.


Named the “Varðeldur candle” after a track from Sigur Ros’ album Valtari apparently it smells like “driftwood campire”. And, we imagine, hot icelandic lumberjacks.

Or is it that Sigur Ros treated making a music video like a short film contest?

Instead of paying $100,000 for 1 video, they gave 10 directors $10,000 for 10 music videos and said “Go F*n’ Nuts”.

And they did.

Who knew Shia LaBeouf dancing naked a la Bleached Blonde Swan wouldn’t totally suck? Sigur Ros did.

There’s just something about Sigur Ros. They make shit happen.