Crush Of The Week: Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer gets drawn on.

Amanda Palmer gets drawn on.

“Who knew she was smart?” is a common comment on videos of singer Amanda Palmer talking. It’s like when the internet found out Jennifer Lawrence could talk. Holy shit. An entertainer’s got smarts. Fancy that.

“For most of human history, musicians, artists, they’ve been part of the community. Connecters and openers, not untouchable stars. Celebrity is about a lot of people loving you from a distance. But the internet and the content we’re freely able to share on it, are taking us back. It’s about a few people loving you up close and about those people being enough.”

Amanda takes that closeness to her fans literally, stripping naked at her Kickstarter fundraiser appreciation party, letting the people who fund her music draw on her. Literally. With sharpie markers. She is wearing nothing but her fans. And that’s enough.

Amanda Palmer’s got us in the palm of her hand. Whether it’s advising grads how not to fuck up their future or telling musician’s how to make money, she’s funny, wise, and lets people paint her naked.

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O and how does she respond to The Daily Mail when they try to shame her for a nipple slip?

“Dear Daily Mail, it’s so sad what you tabloids are doing,” she sings at The Roundhouse in the UK. “Your focus on debasing womens’ appearances, it devolves our species as humans…” then slips her whole body out of her outfit and responds “Shhhh. It’s just a naked woman. Dear Daily Mail…up yours.”

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Thank you Amanda, for reminding everyone, that it’s not women who should be shamed when their wardrobe fails to cover their pretty bits and pieces, but the photographers, videographers and “news” outlets who sell and capitalize off the images and shame and criticize women’s bodies in the process.