Biting The Bullet

red dress
Once upon a time, listening to the radio at home, I caught myself dancing wildly on my living room floor. This song had possessed me, moved me in ways I’d never moved before, so I waited for the announcer to say it’s name. “What Is And What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin. I’d wanted to burlesque for 10 years, but there was no schools then, no training, you just had to meet people or start, so I would volunteer at shows, too nervous to step on the stage. That song was the breaking point, that song was the “listen to my heart, my body that loses itself to dance and rock n’ roll”.
When I moved to Chicago I bucket listed and did everything I’d always wanted to try, but been too afraid to. There’s something comforting about strangers when you try something new. I did improv, stand up (Hannibal Burress was on right before me, can’t even tell you what it was like to follow THAT up), and burlesque. Burlesque was the one that stuck, that gave me a platform to tell stories about heartbreak and gender stereotypes and politics I’d never been able to before. Came back, hit the ground running doing shows and now my love for playing characters and costumes has taken over my life. But that song, I’ve always wanted to do a signature piece to that song, that song that forced Red Zeppelin out of her shell and gave her life. That became the intro to my radio show Sex, Outlaws & Rock n’ Roll, that John Paul Jones gave me an approving high five for, saying it was one of Zeppelin’s best and embodies everything they are. That song that played in a sunlit living room and changed my life forever, dancing on the floor. It all started with one guitar chord.
Tomorrow night, it’s happening. Feel like a kid again and play dress up, too. The tickle trunk is coming to adulthood.

The Tickle Trunk Show

Tomorrow night, I’m leaving it all on the dancefloor.