The Doll Who Sold the World

the_blessed_70s_by_katyok-d47w75tAn artist after our own heart, New York artist Катёк has taken fan art to the next level by creating dolls of David Bowie that look…. exactly like David Bowie.

It’s downright eerie.


Labyrinth Bowie.

In true fan fashion, Катёк makes the dolls out of pure celebration for Bowie’s music and style, not commercial enterprise.

Unless you are David Bowie, I cannot make a custom Bowie doll for you. Please, accept my apologies.

Dear David Bowie, get on this. Have the dolls we cannot. They kick the ass of Ken and would’ve been the perfect date for Jem.

Ziggy & Jem. A match made in heaven.

Ziggy & Jem. A match made in ’80s heaven.

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